Mattresses made by are the best bargains for home renovation, so it’s a good time to start your search for the cheapest ones in the state.

Georgia is home to some of the nation’s highest home prices, and home renovations are often one of the cheapest parts of a home remodeling project.

But when it comes to mattresses, it’s hard to beat the price of a good quality mattress, which is usually cheaper than buying a used mattress from an online store.

Here’s what to look for when buying mattresses.


The Best Mattresses in Atlanta: Georgia Home Price Index 2.

The Top 10 Mattresses for Atlanta: Atlanta Metro Area 3.

The Most Affordable Mattresses Available: Georgia 5.

Top 10 Best-Selling Mattresses: Atlanta 5 Best-selling mattresses for sale in Georgia can be difficult to come by, and that’s because prices have fluctuated greatly since the state’s inception.

That said, the prices for the most affordable mattresses are generally pretty high.

Most of the mattresses we found are at or below $50 per square foot.

So, if you’re looking for the lowest-priced, most affordable options for your home, you’re likely going to be in the best spot.

Here are the top 10 mattresses that are the most expensive in Georgia.1.

MattressMaker: $65 per square-foot, made by C-Max, which also makes the Lingerie Miter, Mattress Maker, and Mattress Designer brands.


LidLite: $60 per square feet, made in California by Lidlite, which makes the Miter Lid, Miter C, Mitter L, Mite L, and Lid L. 3.

Cascades: $54 per square, made at Cascadia Studios in Atlanta by the Cascadades.


Lido: $55 per square (same as Lidlon, except with a smaller bed), made by the Lido company.


Duralight: $50, made locally by the Duralights company.


Ebonite: Made by Lido, and with an option to upgrade the bed, the bed is the cheapest option.


Vibe: Made in the USA by Vibe, made of a premium blend of cotton, rayon, and polyester, and the bed comes with an array of cushions, lumbar support, and reclining armrests.


Cuffless: Made from a lightweight synthetic material, the Cuff was a popular choice for the first few years of the mattress’s existence, but the company has been slowly switching to a more durable synthetic material in recent years.


Giorgio: Made at Giorgino in New York by Giorgios, and also a popular option for buyers of mattresses made in Europe.


Lush: Made out of premium quality synthetic fabrics and materials, the Lush bed was the most popular option we saw for a while, but we were disappointed to see the company’s prices fall dramatically last year.

But it was still a good mattress for the price.1) Cascadian: $49.99 per squarefoot, sold at Caffe Vino in New Jersey.

2) Lidlite: $45 per square at Lidlab, and is made at Lido in New England.

3) Duralighting: $35 per square for a pair, made out of a solid polyester material, made to the highest quality standards.

4) Ebonites: $32.95 per square of bed, sold by Duralighter.

5) Giorgi: $28.50 per sqft, at Liddlite in New Mexico.

6) Vibe Lid: $27 per square per night, at Giavatores in Italy.

7) Lido Miter: $26 per sq ft, made from the highest-quality materials.

8) Cufflessness: $25 per sq. ft, a mattress made from a blend of materials from Cuff and Cuff Lite.

9) Lids.

Made in New South Wales, Australia.10) Lush Luxury: $21 per sqrt, made for a $10,000 sale in the UK.