The following article contains spoilers for the movie “The Lego Movie.”

In the movie, a young hero takes a bullet in the arm in the name of science and takes up a career as a cosmetologist.

I found myself wanting to write an article about cosmetology because I wanted to learn about it and explore the cosmetological profession.

While I’m a professional, I’m not a cosmatologist.

So, the article will not include advice for me or anyone else who is not a professional.

But, I hope that this article helps you in your quest for a career in cosmetologia.

Before you start, though, I would like to point out that I am a self-proclaimed “superhero.”

So, I am not going to say that I know how to do everything, and that’s okay.

However, I will say that there are things that I have learned that can be applied to your career in the cosmological field.

So please feel free to add to this article as you can.

In the film, the young hero is a young man named Bruce Wayne.

The young hero learns of the science behind the bullet and decides to become a cosmeographer.

This is the first time Bruce Wayne is shown in the movie.

The film opens with Bruce Wayne sitting in his parents basement, looking out his window at the city of New York.

Bruce Wayne has an appointment with a surgeon.

Bruce tells the surgeon, “It’s a bullet.”

The surgeon, Bruce Wayne, says, “You got a bullet.

I have a gun.

I’m going to shoot you.”

The movie opens with a gunshot.

Bruce says,, “I have a bullet to the brain.”

The film ends with Bruce standing on a pier with a gun pointed directly at the camera.

Bruce puts the gun to his head and says, (in the same monotone voice) “It doesn’t hurt.”

The bullet is not in his head.

The doctor tells Bruce that he has a bullet lodged in his brain.

Bruce points to the bullet in his face and says: “I am Batman.

I am the hero.”

The doctor then tells Bruce, “Now let’s see what you can do with this bullet.”

Bruce points at his left arm and says in the same tone, “That’s a gun.”

The director then shows the doctor Bruce Wayne’s arm with a wound to his right arm.

The wound is very deep.

Bruce looks down at the wound and says “That ain’t my arm.”

The scene ends with the doctor saying, “Bruce, I want you to stop shooting me and get to work.”

Bruce is very quiet, so the doctor hands him the gun and says that he is going to need a little more time to get to the proper place.

The scene cuts to a close-up of Bruce Wayne pointing the gun at the doctor.

Bruce then says, in the exact same monotonous tone that he had before, “There, that’s a good one.

It’s a little better than the one I had.”

Bruce Wayne says to the doctor, “Well, if you tell me what to do with it, I’ll do it.”

Bruce looks at the bullet that has been lodged in the brain and says to him, “Good.

That’s a great shot.”

The next shot is of Bruce holding the gun in his left hand and pointing it at the head of the surgeon.

The surgeon says, [to Bruce] “What are you going to do?”

Bruce says to his father, “Dad, that wasn’t a good shot.

You are a hero.”

Bruce says “It wasn’t me.

I shot myself in the hand.

It wasn’t my hand.”

Bruce turns to the camera and says.

“That was a good bullet.

Now let’s move on to the next one.”

Bruce fires a bullet at the surgeon’s head.

Bruce shoots the surgeon three times.

Bruce fires the next shot, saying, [in the exact monotones of the first shot] “You want to be a hero, son?

You got to shoot your dad in the head.”

Bruce takes his father’s gun and points it directly at Bruce Wayne as Bruce fires his shot.

The shot is not struck.

Bruce holds his father at gunpoint, saying “I’ll take it from here.

You better do the job.”

Bruce then points at the brain with the bullet lodged.

Bruce pulls the trigger, but the bullet does not penetrate the skull.

Bruce’s father says, ‘You can’t do that.’

Bruce shoots Bruce’s head in frustration.

Bruce yells, “This ain’t gonna happen!”

Bruce shoots himself in the face.

The director says to Bruce, [as he is still pointing the weapon at the actor’s head] “I’m gonna shoot you, Bruce.”

Bruce’s dad says, to Bruce’s brother,