Breo now offers a new coupon code called “BEEP”, which is basically a promotion code that’s a combination of a coupon code and a rebate.

You can use this coupon code at checkout to save 10% on select items, and then if you spend $75 or more in a single transaction, you can use the code to receive 10% off the full price of the item(s).

That code is a good way to get discounts for a lot of items, but I’m a bit confused as to how you get that code.

For example, if you bought a pair of jeans and then spent $70 on jeans, you’d get 10% of the total cost of the pair.

But if you buy a pair, and spend $200 on the jeans, the $50 you spend on them will be offset by the 10% you’ll get from this promotion.

How does this work?

Well, here’s the short version.

When you buy jeans at Breo, you pay for a pair at the time of purchase, and you pay the difference between the sale price and the discounted price you pay to the retailer when you buy the jeans.

When the sale ends, Breo deducts 10% from your total purchase price for your rebate.

When Breo gets the difference from the sale, it then deducts another 10% to the sale amount.

So the difference you pay in each transaction between the time you buy your jeans and when you get your rebate, is the difference the retailer will get from the rebate you’ve paid for.

If you don’t pay the full sale price for the jeans and you end up with the full rebate amount, you’re still entitled to a 10% discount on your purchase.

If, however, you buy both jeans and the full amount of the rebate, you’ll still get a 10%.

It’s not clear how Breo plans to offset the rebate.

It’s unclear whether the coupon code will be valid for any items beyond jeans, though I’d expect to see it applied to shoes, shirts, hats, and other clothing items.

I haven’t seen any offers for other categories of merchandise, but you can check out Breo’s full FAQ page to learn more about how to get the code.

If that doesn’t sound like enough to get you excited, here are some other items that might qualify for the Breo discount code: Shoes: The price of a pair in Breo can be discounted by up to 20%.

This is a great deal, but it can also result in you paying more.

You may need to shop around for shoes that can be picked up online and then returned to the store for a discount.

I’ve been able to get a discount on a pair from Nordstrom for $140.

If I don’t get that discount, I’ll be out $130, so the deal is only $30 off.

This isn’t a huge deal if you shop online for sneakers, but for items like dresses and sweaters, you may want to shop at a store that has a shoe selection and has a coupon program in place.

The same goes for boots, but the store might charge a little more.

If the retailer has a storewide coupon program, the store will be able to offer a 15% discount when you pick up a pair.

Hats: Hats that are not pre-owned can be sold at the store.

However, if the hat has been purchased before, it can be returned for a refund.

I tried buying a hat for $25, but couldn’t find any pre-sale options.

That doesn’t mean that the store won’t offer you a discount, just that the hat will not be pre-sold.

The store has a $10 cash back offer that I was able to use to get an extra $5 cash back on my hat purchase.

You’ll also need to check with the store to see if they have a pre-order or pre-sales program.