LOUIS — A woman who got busted for using a $1,000 spa coupon on a purse and cash register in St. Louis has decided to keep it a secret from her two daughters, even as she struggles with her recovery from surgery.

In a statement released Friday, Jennifer Hanks said she was shocked to find the coupons and was surprised to find out how much she had spent.

The incident has made Hanks, who said she has lost an arm, a leg and a kidney, reconsider her spending habits.

Hanks plans to share her story with her children, who she said are her “biggest support system.”

The incident happened a month ago and prompted her to cancel her spa coupons.

Higgs said the spa coupons she had received from the credit union for her home were fake.

She has spent about $1.5,000.

She had already started paying the $1 a day in bills.

The coupon had been in her purse and on the back of her car seat for about two weeks, she said.

“I just didn’t want my kids to be the ones who had to go through what I went through,” she said Friday.

She was stunned when her daughter, who is 3, started seeing the coupons.

Higgs said she and her husband went to the spa in June and the cash register and the front of the spa, along with a separate bathroom, were all gone.

Higgs, who lives in a $10 million duplex with her husband and two young children, said she never had the spa coupon or receipts in her wallet.

She said the cash registers and the spa’s front door were both gone.

“My biggest fear is that my daughters are going to look at what I have and they’re going to be like, ‘Oh, she’s a thief,'” Higgs recalled.

“It just makes me so sad.”

She has decided not to share the coupons with her kids, she added.”I don