This question is about whether gold or silver should be the preferred pin material.

A majority of pin manufacturers recommend a gold or a silver plated version.

But some prefer a pin with either a gold, silver or platinum finish. 

Here’s what you need to know about the different pin materials.

What is a gold pin?

A gold pin is a piece of gold that has been cut and polished so that it looks like gold, but has no markings on the outside.

It usually is an attractive gold pin with a silver or gold plating.

A gold pin has a slightly larger diameter than a silver pin, and a slightly smaller diameter than platinum pins. 

How do I buy a gold Pin?

The most common way to purchase gold pins is by purchasing a pin from an enamel pin maker.

Gold pins can be purchased from an online shop, by phone or in-person. 

In addition to the gold pin you’ll find pinheads, pins made of gold, and gold pins that are made with platinum. 

Which pin material is best?

Gold is the most common pin material in jewelry.

Platinum and other precious metals are the most popular metals in jewelry today.

There are many other pins and jewelry options. 

Why do I want gold pins in my jewelry?

Gold pins can have a wide variety of purposes.

They can be used as a decoration, a jewelry marker, a touch-up marker, or as an accent piece in your jewelry. 

Gold pins are often used in a wide range of jewelry styles.

You’ll find gold pins with a wide array of styles in a variety of jewelry brands. 

Is there a silver and gold pin for every style of jewelry?

Yes, silver and silver plating is the standard pin material for many of the most expensive jewelry brands and styles.

However, gold and platinum plating can also be used for jewelry and other items that are not jewelry.

For example, silver plation is used for cufflinks, earrings, necklaces, neckties, ear rings, neck rings, bracelets, neck bands, ear earrings and earrings in earrings. 

Where do I get gold pins?

Gold and silver pins are available at jewelry stores, jewelry supply stores, online jewelry shops, and at home. 

Are there any types of gold pins I shouldn’t use?


There is a lot of confusion about what is gold and what is not gold.

The best way to tell the difference is to look at the pin itself.

A good rule of thumb is to buy a pin that is at least two inches (5 centimeters) in diameter and that is gold. 

What if I’m not sure if the pin is gold?

Gold plating and other gold-plating pins are generally considered to be less valuable than silver platinium or platinum platinia.

However it is important to note that gold and silver are both extremely durable, so you shouldn’t let them get dirty or wear out quickly. 

When will gold platinias be available?

Gold Platinias are available now, and they are usually a much smaller size than silver.

If you want a smaller size, gold plats can be bought online or through the mail. 

Will I be able to find gold plaques or other jewelry pieces made with gold?

No, gold pins and other pins will not be available at the time you purchase them. 

Should I buy gold pins for my son?


Gold pins, jewelry, and jewelry accessories are available to purchase at most jewelers.

But there are some limitations to the items you can purchase with gold pins.

You cannot purchase gold jewelry in jewelry stores.

Gold jewelry must be gold-finished and gold-colored.

You must have gold pins or a matching silver or plating on the pin. 

Can gold platers be used to decorate jewelry?


Gold plating, like any other jewelry color, can be a decorative touch for any item that is decorated.

The beauty of gold plater is that it can be easily removed and replaced with any other color.

Goldplating can be applied on jewelry that is not decorated, such as earrings or necklacing. 

Does gold pin dye affect the look of gold or platinum?

Gold or platinum pins do not contain dye.

But they can be dyed to have a different color than what you see on your pin.

Gold or platinum dye does not give the appearance of a gold ring or bracelet, for example. 

If I don’t like the gold plates, will gold pins still work?


The colors on a gold-painted pin will not match the colors on an enameled pin.

However gold platters and pins can still be used in jewelry that has silver or metal plating if they are both gold-painted. 

Do I need to take my gold pin to a jeweler?

The answer is no.

However if you don’t have a jewelers license