With sales of the US’ most popular guns on the rise, one company that seems to have hit the big time is Colt’s manufacturing and original equipment manufacturer, which has been gaining ground in the industry.

Colt’s is currently producing some of the world’s most popular pistols, including the AR-15, M16, and Glock pistols, and also produces a variety of ammunition.

However, the company is also producing some small arms and military surplus rifles.

The company has been growing rapidly since the US government banned handguns in 2013, but Colt’s hasn’t been able to sustain its growth, and is struggling to keep up with its competitors.

Colt CEO Mark DiBenedetto is taking a much more aggressive stance, and announced plans to create an arm of the company that will be “not just a manufacturing company,” but also a company that specializes in providing services to the civilian market.

“There are hundreds of thousands of people who would like to have the ability to own firearms, but we can’t compete with them because we can only do what the law allows us to do,” DiBedso told CNNMoney.

The new arm, which is expected to be launched by the end of the year, will focus on gun repair, and will include a manufacturing facility that will manufacture parts for the company’s other products, including firearms.

DiBensons company is looking to expand its services to include providing security services to local law enforcement, and DiBensenets security services company is already hiring some of its employees.

Colt is one of the most popular firearms manufacturers in the world, and its popularity is partly due to its high quality products.

Its Colt M16 pistol is considered the “world’s best-selling pistol,” and has become a popular weapon for law enforcement and military.

It is also an excellent hunting weapon and the company has also been able the success of its AR-10 rifles.

However it also makes some of Americas most popular handguns, including AR-556 rifles, AR-762 rifles, and AR-223 rifles.

Colt was also one of Colts first major competitors in the market for ammunition, and that’s why DiBenets company is now looking to improve its sales by partnering with ammunition companies such as Remington.

Remington is one such ammunition company that Colts is currently trying to take advantage of.

Remains the second-largest ammunition producer in the United States after Colt, Remington produces some of Colt’s top brands like the M16 rifle and the M14 sniper rifle.

Rem also makes the AR556 rifle, a firearm that is also the standard-issue rifle of the United Kingdom.

Rem is also expanding its product line to include new ammunition for AR-19 rifles, the AR5 sniper rifle, and the AR15 assault rifle.