A Michigan manufacturing technician who was found to have a genetic condition that could lead to heart disease has been ordered to undergo testing to find out if she has the genetic disease.

The ruling came after an analysis of the lab test results by the American Heart Association found that the employee had an abnormality in her DNA, according to the Detroit Free Press.

The test results were not immediately released.

The worker was a customer service associate at a bicycle factory in Michigan, according a statement from the state’s health department.

She has worked for the company for about four years.

In addition to heart issues, the worker had lung issues and had some medical issues.

The worker’s health care provider did not want to be identified.

A state worker with heart issues and lung issues who tested positive for the genetic condition is being monitored and evaluated, according the statement from Michigan Health and Human Services.

The company said that the worker will not be able to work for another company.