By now, you’ve probably heard that Jordan Manufacturing is a new name for Jordan Brand.

But before that, it was a company that made clothing and accessories for fashion and sportswear brands.

Jordan Brand’s clothing line was created in 1997 by fashion designer Diane Von Furstenberg, who was a designer and a longtime employee of Jordan Brand, according to the company’s website.

Its clothing is made in New York and Jordan’s Jordan’s Factory in Jordan, Jordan.

But for years, the company didn’t have a manufacturing facility.

Its factory is now in an old textile mill near Jordan, but the factory was shut down in 2016.

According to the Associated Press, the factory’s former owner, a company called J-Fab, shut it down in 2017 after being sued by the Labor Department.

That lawsuit, which was later settled, said the factory should have been able to reopen as a fabric manufacturing plant.

So the new name is Jordan Manufacturing.

The company’s new name has some notable changes, including the name itself.

Now, it’s Jordan Manufacturing Inc. The new name “Jordan Manufacturing” will be a trademarked brand name for a limited period of time, beginning in 2019.

This is the company that’s in charge of the fabric manufacturing at the old factory.

So it’ll be called Jordan Manufacturing and not Jordan Manufacturing, Inc. That means that people will be able to call it Jordan Manufacturing for a while.

It’s also important to note that the new trademark is a trademark of Jordan Manufacturing’s new parent company, J-fab.

That parent company is also a manufacturer of textiles.

That is, Jordan Manufacturing has a fabric mill, but it has a textile mill in Jordan as well.

So, the textile mills are still in Jordan.

It seems the company has some of the same goals, which is to make clothes and accessories that will be used in the world’s most popular brands.