Tesla Motors, the automaker that is known for its low-priced electric vehicles, is launching a new line of travel trailers with a high-end interior design.

The travel trailer concept unveiled by the company on Wednesday is the first one to feature an open design with plenty of storage space for passengers.

The trailer has two large seats that can be folded into a bed for a comfortable night ride.

The top of the trailer is also covered with a sliding door to keep the interior cool.

Inside, the trailer’s interior has been redesigned for a high quality.

The interior has a large flat panel that slides down to the floor, and a large screen on top of it displays a dashboard with information such as distance and distance traveled.

The design of the travel trailer also includes a large door with a locking mechanism that can only be unlocked with a key.

This door can also be accessed by sliding a lever up from the rear of the vehicle.

The Travel Trailer also has a small dashboard with an LCD screen.

The LCD screen displays the time and distance, and can be set to show the number of passengers, as well as other information like the number and time of each trip taken.

The rear of this trailer also features a sliding screen for passengers to use, allowing them to see details of the road ahead.

The trip trailer will be sold starting in late 2016.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said the new travel trailer will also include a high end design, with space for more passengers, and features such as a rear-facing headrest and large speakers.

The Tesla travel trailer design is being built by Panasonic, which also produced the first “travel trailer” with a Tesla logo.

Panasonic has also produced a similar concept, the Tesla Travel Trailer, that is available in four sizes.

Panasonic plans to start producing the Tesla travel trailers in 2020.

Tesla Motors is also looking to get into the travel trailers market with the launch of its Model X crossover.

The new crossover, which will go on sale in 2021, will have a similar design to the Tesla Roadster.