The New Jersey Devils will have a $100 million manufacturing facility on the East Coast next year.

The new facility, built by the company that made the now-defunct Pegatron, will create 1,200 jobs, bringing the state’s manufacturing output to a record high.

According to the New Jersey Economic Development Corp., manufacturing jobs have grown in New Jersey and elsewhere in recent years.

But New Jersey has had a tough time attracting manufacturing firms because of the state and federal tax laws, said Tom Jernigan, executive director of the New Brunswick Economic Development Authority.

That’s a problem for many industries, including the hospitality and retail industries, Jernigans office said.

New Brunswick has one of the lowest corporate income tax rates in the country, according to the Economic Development Council of New Brunswick.

Jernigan said the manufacturing project is the first of its kind in New Brunswick and it will create a huge economic boost.

Jenna Williams, a sales associate for the new company, said the company is hoping to start manufacturing in New York in the coming months.

She said they are looking at the entire country and will work with other manufacturing companies in New England and Massachusetts to bring manufacturing jobs to the area.

The manufacturing job will create around 100 jobs.

New Jersey is already a leader in the manufacturing industry, with the largest number of jobs created in the state.

The state currently has around 7,000 manufacturing jobs.

The New Brunswick project will bring that number to over 11,000, Jarnigan said.

The factory will create about 2,000 jobs and will create new jobs in the New York area.