A new survey finds people who use toilet paper are much more likely to believe in ghosts, unicorns and ghosts of the past, according to a poll from social news site Reddit.

The survey found that nearly six in 10 people who used toilet paper said they believe in unicorns, unicorn-like spirits or ghosts of old.

Some of the most popular beliefs among the respondents were the idea that unicorns can speak to humans and the idea they are able to move through space.

Others were the belief that unicorn spirits will help people in the future, and the belief people will return to earth in a “spooky” way.

“People who use the toilet paper as a means to create their own illusions are far more likely than those who do not to believe that unicons exist,” the survey said.

More:The survey was conducted by an online service called SurveyMonkey.

It asked 1,000 people in Australia how they felt about the possibility of unicorns.

Nearly two thirds of those surveyed said they believed in unicons.

One in three respondents said they thought unicorns are real and that they can communicate with people on the planet.

However, nearly two thirds did not believe in the idea of ghosts of past.

It is not the first time the survey has found people who believe in such paranormal beliefs are less likely to use toilet water.