The government has spent more than $1 billion to pay for fake bank accounts, fake tax forms, fake identity documents, fake birth certificates, fake social security numbers, and fake passports.

In some cases, the fake documents are so bad, you can’t even tell the difference between them.

So what exactly are fake passports?

Here are a few of the fake IDs that were issued by the U.S. government for years:The fake birth certificate issued by DHS in 2013 that was signed by an official in the Department of Homeland Security.

This certificate was also used to obtain a fake Social Security number from the Social Security Administration.

The fake passport issued by a DHS official in 2014, which was not valid.

The fake Social SSA number is not issued by Homeland Security, but is issued by another agency, the Internal Revenue Service.

The Fake Social Security Number issued by an DHS official, in 2015.

The Social SSS number is issued to a U.s. citizen or legal permanent resident and is valid for 30 days.

The DHS does not have a Social Security retirement plan.

The “Certificate of Occupation” that was issued by Department of State, which has no date stamp.

The document issued by U. S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), which does not even have a date stamp or a picture.

The Certificate of U. sity issued by USCIS in 2016, which does have a stamp, but the date stamp is illegible.

The passport issued to an undocumented immigrant in 2017, which had a forged signature.

The birth certificate from a U niversity of Virginia hospital, which is invalid and cannot be recognized as valid by the federal government.

The DHS official who issued the fake social insurance number for the undocumented immigrant who was not issued a Social S SS number.

The Social Security card issued by Veterans Affairs, which the Department cannot validate, and is not accepted by the VA.

The federal agency that issued the birth certificate for the man who was in the U .

S. illegally for more than a decade, but has since been deported.

The bogus social security number issued by TSA in 2016 that had a picture and a stamp.

The TSA does not recognize the document as valid.

The government also issued phony identity documents that can be used to impersonate other people.

Here are some of the documents that are fake:The “birth certificate” issued by Georgia Department of Public Safety, which contains a photograph of the man in the photo.

The photograph is a fake.

The photo issued by California Department of Corrections, which shows a man wearing an orange jumpsuit.

The photo is a hoax.

The fraudulent birth certificate that was presented to a Georgia Department Public Safety officer at a public hearing, and was accepted as the official birth certificate.

The certificate issued to California Department for Motor Vehicles, which also contains a photo of a man with a beard, wearing a helmet, and holding a badge, but not a Social SS number or a passport.

The phony Social Security identification issued by DMV, which says “Driver License,” and is in fact a driver license that does not belong to a registered motorist.

The official birth record of an undocumented person, which lists him as a U .

S. citizen.

The state-issued birth certificate of a child born to an illegal immigrant.

The birth certificate was issued in Georgia, and does not match the U ss Citizenship and Registration Act of 1965.

The driver license of an unregistered person who does not live in the United States.

The social security card of a person who has been convicted of a felony in the last five years.

The forged birth certificate used to get a fake driver’s license issued in Florida.

The fraudulent social security identification card was issued to the same person, who was convicted of drug trafficking.

The California Department on Aging issued an ID that said “Age of Consent,” which is an illegal document used to commit identity theft.

The child’s Social Security ID that does, in fact, match the Social security card that the state issued.

The fictitious birth certificate obtained by DHS to pay child support.

The federal agency does not verify the identity of the person issuing the birth certificates.

The State of Michigan issued an “Incorporated Birth Certificate” that is fake and is issued only to people who are legal U. States citizens or legal residents of Michigan.

The forged birth certificates are issued by Florida, not by DHS.

The Department of Agriculture issued an identity theft “Certificates” that were signed by a person claiming to be an employee of the Department.

The document was valid for one year and is a copy of a document issued to someone who is not an employee.

The “Certified” is a fraudulent document that was sent to someone using the fraudulent Social Security Numbers and Social Security numbers of those who signed the document.

The Federal government issued a fake “Certification of Naturalization” in the form of a birth certificate with the incorrect date of