NEW JERSEY — New Jersey manufacturers are lobbying for a new law that would ban the sale of printers that use 3D printing to make objects.

Under the proposed law, manufacturers would be able to buy the printers from manufacturers authorized by the state and pay them in installments.

Manufacturers would have to make a “reasonable attempt” to buy printers from the manufacturer authorized by their state and send the bill to the department of business regulation.

The bill, which has bipartisan support in the legislature, has been referred to the Assembly Business and Economic Development Committee.

It’s an effort to prevent the sale or importation of a printer, which is used for the production of items like 3D printed toys, in New Jersey.

The printers are manufactured by 3D-printing company MakerBot and are used to create 3D models.

They’re sold by manufacturers in California and Texas and used to make prototypes of their products.

The printers also are used for 3D scanning, which involves scanning objects with a scanning computer.

Assemblywoman Mary Pat Flaherty, D-Middlesex, said the bill is needed to protect consumers from fraudulent 3D printer purchases.

“It’s critical that New Jersey protect consumers, including those who want to purchase 3D products online and in person,” Flaherty said in a statement.

“This bill will make it easier for New Jerseyans to purchase these high-quality printers in person.”

In New York, New York state is working on a similar legislation to make it harder for consumers to buy a printer from a counterfeit 3D printshop.

The legislation, which would ban online and physical 3Dprinting in New York and New Jersey, has not been introduced to Gov.

Andrew Cuomo’s desk yet.

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