Manufacturing icon Tesla Motors is using a clever tactic to help customers get their cars back on a road.

The tech giant, which has been under fire for shipping its cars overseas, has deployed an app called Sky Model, which allows customers to schedule an appointment with the manufacturer to test drive their vehicles.

Tesla says it is the first car manufacturer to use the Sky Model app.

The app was designed to be used by customers who want to test ride their Tesla Model S, Model X or XS.

The app is available to download for free on the Tesla Motors app store and the company’s website.

“It’s a great way to get in the car, see how it feels, test drive, get the inside scoop on how the car drives, and get some additional insight about the Model S,” said Tesla spokeswoman Nicole Kesselberg.

Tesla is also using the app to provide the ability to test drives at the factory, and to order a car online through the company.

Tesla has already said it will be using the Sky model app to offer a $1,000 discount on an X or a XS sedan.

Tesla also announced plans to open a Tesla Model 3 production facility in China, which it said would be the largest vehicle assembly facility in the world.

The company plans to build 1,200 vehicles a year.