Skyline, the manufacturer of high-end manufactured homes and other high-profile homes, has announced plans to release its new Skyline® manufactured home line in February.

The Skyline line will feature a sleek design, modern amenities and sleek design finishes, with a full-size kitchen, dining room and bathroom on the house.

“Skyline has always been committed to creating the highest-quality manufactured home in the world, and the Skyline brand continues to be one of the most recognized names in home improvement and design,” Skyline President and CEO Mike Zilch said.

Zilch and his Skyline team have been working on the Skylines brand for over a decade.

Last year, Skyline opened a new manufacturing facility in the United States, and they also partnered with the design and manufacturing company Aventis to create a brand that is synonymous with innovative home improvement designs and technologies.

The Skylines line will be available in six different styles and models, including the Skyliner, Skyliner® Home, Skylinelight, Skyliners® Home and Skylineline.

With this release, Skylines will have a brand new name in the home improvement industry.

The Skylines® brand has also been embraced by home improvement retailers, and Skyline has been featured on TV and in the news.

Skyline will be sold in select stores in the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand, and in select cities around the world.

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