The U.S. manufacturing sector is experiencing a surge in orders, with demand for new vehicles, industrial equipment and parts rising at the fastest rate since 2010.

But while the number of orders is up across the board, some states are taking different measures to reduce the cost of production.

In Georgia, the cost per vehicle increased from $8,900 in 2016 to $9,000 this year, according to a report by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

In Texas, where the cost is $8.20 per vehicle, the number is up to $12,400.

And in Louisiana, where it is $12.50 per vehicle for vehicles with at least six wheels, the average cost is up from $10,500 last year.

New Hampshire, the nation’s most populous state, has also seen an uptick in orders as the state’s manufacturing sector has seen a boom in the last decade.

The state has seen more than 400,000 vehicles produced since 2008, according the report.

The total number of vehicles produced in the state in 2017 was 6.9 million, or 21 percent more than the previous year.

The manufacturing sector accounted for 17.5 percent of the total, according this report.