Rejected bids to import manufactured loghome products in the Australian market have sparked concerns about supply and demand.

A group of Australian exporters and manufacturers are calling on the Government to stop importing manufactured loghouses and products that are not made in Australia, saying they are unsafe for consumers.

The group, the Australian Manufactured Log House Association, is calling for mandatory import requirements to be put in place.

In a submission to the Government, it says imported manufactured loghomes and other products can have serious safety and health issues including high levels of mold and mould growth.

The Association’s submission also highlights the risk to human health and welfare posed by the growing number of manufactured log huts and huts in Australia.

The association says Australian manufacturers have been exporting products to other countries for over 100 years.

It also said that there are significant safety and environmental concerns in the process of manufacturing manufactured log houses.

The industry group said the Australian Government should require manufacturers to apply for and be approved for a permit to export manufactured log products.